Mid-Year Membership Campaign Tips

WOW, we are hearing great things about how easy mid-year membership campaigns are using electronic membership linksHere are some tips from our experts (leaders like you):

  • Send out a designated email about PTA membership to your whole school community. Share what your PTA/PTSA has done and what you plan to do and include a link to join
  • Add a join button to all your electronic newsletters
  • Ask your principal to include the PTA/PTSA membership link in your schools communications
  • Create a great poster sharing what your PTA does and include a QR code so everyone can easily join when they see the poster
  • Remind your community at every PTA event that they can join — then follow that up with a membership table in the room or a link or QR code so they can join
  • Include your join link on all e-blasts, fliers and other electronic communication and include a QR code on paper programs, flyers and posters.

You can modify the ideas if you’re not using e-membership or you can connect your PTA to the TOTEM system and take advantage of the perks. Learn more at www.capta.org/join.


New Year’s Resolutions for Membership

The great thing about the new year is that you get a fresh start. No matter what you forgot to do, meant to do or thought you should do – now you can. Here are five resolutions that will increase PTA membership, and leave you less stressed in 2019.

  • Get some help. Everything is more fun with a friend (or several). If you don’t already have a membership committee, form one now. Ask your PTA president to appoint new committee members. More members equals more ideas and more people to share the fun (and work), plus a bigger pool of volunteers to spread the word
  • Ask again. January is the perfect time to revitalize your membership drive. Include PTA membership join links on your website, in social media posts and in your newsletter. Ask in person and remind your principal, teachers and other PTA volunteers to invite everyone to join. No one wants to be left out
  • Go electronic. If you are not yet on the e-membership system, powered by TOTEM, find out more and learn how you can get on-board. It’s really easy. If you are on, send out an e-blast reminding everyone in your community they are invited to join PTA. Ask your school site administrator to include your PTA join link in information sent to parents and the community
  • Let us help. We have great resources just waiting for you. Check out our customizable fliers (in 6 languages), goal setting worksheets, membership marketing templates and so much more at www.capta.org/building-membership

Learn about PTA. You are part of the largest, oldest, child advocacy association in the nation. Just by joining PTA, you are telling your children you value their education and well-being. You are doing great things at your school and you are a voice for children’s education, health and overall success. You are making a difference. To find our more about PTAs legacy and your part in it, visit www.capta.org/whatwestandfor.

Member Perks: Fall 2018

It’s time for another season of Member Perks! As a PTA member, you advocate for children, promote parent and family involvement in schools and improve the lives of all children and families. Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members like you! For discount codes and more information, visit www.capta.org/member-perks.

Here are a few highlights:

View more details, perks for PTA units and perks from National PTA at www.capta.org/member-perks.