As a member of California State PTA, you advocate for children, promote parent and family involvement in schools, and improve the lives of all children and families. Here are a few extra perks of membership available exclusively to PTA members like you!

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California State PTA perks are updated quarterly; some offers may expire before the next round of updates. 


Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You has been farming organically since 1976 and has built a sustainable network of California farms that deliver organic produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and so much more straight to your doorstep all year! There’s no commitment, no contract, no delivery fees and no service fees. Payment is made after delivery so you can inspect the goods – you “Pick it or Skip it”!

California State PTA members can get an ongoing 15% discount by using promo code CAPTA when ordering through the Farm Fresh to You website. Simply enter your zip code, then select your delivery options, box size, and items.

If your zip code comes up as “not deliverable,” contact Neily Messerschmidt to set up your account manually: call (916) 514-0175 or email

Click here for a downloadable flyer with more information.

iD Tech

With 20+ years of expertise and a global community of 500,000 alumni, iD Tech is the #1 STEM educator on the planet. Online and on campus at 150 of the world’s top universities, iD Tech gives kids and teens a safe, inclusive space to explore interests, be themselves, and have fun turning their passions into real-world skills. Parents gain peace of mind knowing their students are prepared for a future that demands tech literacy.

iD Tech is offering a special discount for PTA members this quarter:

Spring and Summer Virtual Camps (Ages 7-18): Virtual Tech Camps are the perfect way to sharpen your STEM skills and bond with new friends, all online from the comfort of home. With the highest quality remote instruction on the planet, you’ll unlock your brilliance and create an exciting project. About Virtual Tech Camps:

  • Structured, weeklong sessions available now in multiple time zones (5 consecutive days, Monday-Friday)
  • The hottest curriculum in Python, Java, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more
  • Average of 5 students per instructor, blending personalized learning and time to socialize with new friends
  • A balanced schedule including 2 hours of live instruction and peer collaboration + 2 hours of self-paced project development per day
  • All the magic of camp including games, challenges, and legendary iD traditions you can’t find anywhere else

PTA members will receive a $150 discount by using the code CAPTA2021. This offer expires on August 31, 2021. Click here for more information.

SkyOne Federal Credit Union

SkyOne is proud to partner with California State PTA! We are a full-service, not-for profit financial institution with a network of over 66,000 ATMs and 4,000 shared branches. For over 70 years we have been helping people like you to achieve their financial goals, whether it be paying college tuition, buying a new car, or managing credit and debt.

Special Offer for PTA members: Become a SkyOne member today and SkyOne will reimburse your PTA membership dues for the first year! Click here for more information.

Already a SkyOne member? Share your love of SkyOne with your friends and family and earn up to $500 when they open a new account! Click here to refer friends today!


Kustom Imprints

Based in Southern California, Kustom Imprints is a great resource for custom screen printing, embroidery and promotional items for your school. In business for over 30 years, our customer service, products and pricing are highly regarded in our industry. Kustom Imprints is the parent company of and has been a proud partner of California State PTA for over 10 years.

Save 21% in 2021! All California State PTA schools qualify for this exclusive discount on custom screen printed and embroidered apparel. It is valid for school spirit wear, school uniforms, jog-a-thon tees, staff apparel, class of 2021 tees, student leadership apparel, and much more. Click here for more details and your special discount code.

SkyOne Federal Credit Union

Keeping track of finances is an important part of running a PTA. If you’re the financial secretary for your unit, council or district, knowing that your bank “has your back” can make your job a lot easier.

Special Limited-Time Offer for PTA Units: If your PTA opens an organizational account by March 31, 2021, SkyOne will donate $1000 to your PTA for every 10 members who open individual SkyOne accounts — plus, they’ll reimburse their PTA membership dues for the first year. Click here for more information and eligibility requirements. Click here to view or download a shareable flyer.



Google has a special offer for PTA members through May 31, 2021: Google Fi! Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan with simpler pricing and smarter coverage. On Fi, you can join from the comfort of your home and Choose a plan that’s right for you — whether that’s the Unlimited plan or just paying for what you use on the Flexible plan.

All Fi plans come with family features at no extra cost. They help your family stay safer and build healthy digital habits: Block calls and texts from strangers; monitor and budget data usage; set content filters, screen time limits, share location and more with Family Link. Learn more about
Fi family features and find a phone on Fi that fits your family’s budget.


Nextdoor recently launched the Sell for Good program, where Nextdoor members can buy and sell household items in the “For Sale & Free” section of the Nextdoor app and donate the proceeds to their local PTA. PTAs interested in learning more can visit

Office Depot

Office Depot has three exciting member offers for National PTA members:

  • Parent Engagement Program: Get discounts on the books and manuals that accompany YOU: Your Child’s First Teacher, a program that unites teachers and parents to support a child’s academic success at school and at home.
  • Office Supplies: Get special reduced rates on office supplies, technology solutions, ink and toner,cleaning supplies, photocopies and printing, and more!
  • School Supplies for the Upcoming Year: Get supplies for class with just a click. Office Depot’s School List With a Click can help you find your teacher’s exact list in three easy steps!



The coronavirus epidemic has left many families struggling to pay bills while simultaneously trying to help their children learn at home. That’s why access to low-cost or free internet and affordable computers is now more essential to more people than ever before.

CETF is a non-profit organization that can connect you with a wide range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and device providers that feature affordable computers and internet solutions, and now, they can even help connect you with internet providers offering free service (for a limited time). Click here to read CETF’s flyer in English or Spanish and get more information about how to qualify, and who to contact.