Programs + Events

Business of the Association

Your voice matters in the business of the association! Delegates will have the opportunity to influence the direction of the organization. Check back soon for details about the #NextGenPTA action items.


General Meetings are your opportunity to influence the direction of the California State PTA. Election of officers for the 2019-21 term are held at the first general meeting. Let your voice be heard through the debates on the resolutions. Come and vote on resolutions, bylaws and the Legislative Policies of the organization. Delegates are responsible for attending the general meetings and are encouraged to report back the outcomes at your units, councils and districts.

Resolution and Bylaw Hearings

Voting delegates, plan to attend one of the resolution or bylaw hearings held both Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17 from 8 -9 a.m. This is your opportunity to hear from the makers of the resolutions and learn why they believe the resolution is important to PTA.

Facebook LIVE Hearings

California State PTA will be doing a Facebook LIVE from the hearings so be sure to check our Facebook page to be informed.

At this time, you can also submit amendments to the resolutions, called an Intent to Amend, which may strengthen or clarify the resolutions. This is one of only two opportunities when delegates may submit an Intent to Amend a resolution.

California State PTA Parliamentarian will attend bylaw hearings to explain the rationale for the proposed bylaw changes. As with resolutions, if you plan to make an amendment you should attend a hearing to submit an Intent to Amend form.