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General meetings allow California State PTA to conduct the business of the association, hear inspiring speakers, and celebrate the past, present, and future of the California State PTA. The election of officers for the 2023-25 term is held at the first General Meeting. Let your voice be heard through the debates on the resolutions. Come and vote on resolutions, bylaws, and legislative policies that will guide our association into the future. General meetings offer an opportunity for PTA members to shape the direction of the California State PTA.

A Motion Review Station will be located at the back of the general Meeting room to assist delegates during the consideration of business items.


  • Only properly accredited delegates may introduce motions, debate, or speak at the designated microphones, and vote. Voting cards must be used by delegates when voting during business meetings.
  • A delegate wishing to speak shall go to the appropriate microphone, present their voting card and delegate information card to the authorized microphone attendant, and await recognition by the chair.
  • All main motions and amendments must be presented on California State PTA motion forms which may be obtained at the Motion Review Station.
  • Debate on motions shall be limited to four speakers on each side of the question.
  • No item of business may be on the floor for more than 30 minutes.
  • Voting delegates must have a full-time registration and certify that they have been elected or appointed to represent their local PTA as a voting member


Hearings are your opportunity to learn more about the business of the association. Business includes resolutions, bylaws amendments, and legislation policies. Everyone is welcome to attend. Voting delegates, plan to attend one of the hearings held per the schedule on this page.

Attending one of these sessions is an opportunity to decide if you wish to submit an Intent to Amend form. These amendments may strengthen or clarify the business of the association. There are only three ways to submit an intent to amend:

  • In hearings, voting delegates can submit amendments to the resolutions, bylaws, and legislation policies using an Intent to Amend form.
  • At the motion review station at least 20 minutes before the general meeting session in which the item is being considered.
  • Electronically at least 20 minutes before the general meeting session in which the item is being considered.

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  • Friday, April 21 – 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
  • Saturday, April 22 – 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM
  • Sunday, April 23 – 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM

For the most up-to-date hearings schedule including hearing topics, registered attendees can check the convention app.