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Film Production

Special Artist Division (All Grades)

Kathleen Balaban
Title: Metamorphosis
Grade: 11
Redondo Union High School PTSA (Thirty-Third District)
“We meet our protagonist walking around and hopeless. She meets with a teacher and is confronted with the reality that she isn’t going to succeed academically. She’s no longer able to go to the collage she wants and is rendered hopeless. Taking action on seemingly her last leg, unsure if this will lead to anything she takes a leap of faith to go to SoCalroc and become an EMT. Noting how when one door shuts there are still others available that can still generate hope. “
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Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Emma Sadowski
Title: Kindness Saves the Day
Grade: 2
Charles Helmers Elementary PTA (Thirty-Fourth District)
“I am hopeful because of kindness. The world is better when people are being kind. I made this movie because I like to be kind to others. It makes them feel good and me feel good too.”
Select image to view Emma’s movie.Emma Sadowski Film Production

Intermediate Division (Grades (3-5)

Daniel Roy
Title: How Speech-to-Speech Works
Grade: 4
Ponderosa Elementary PTSA (Sixth District)
“I’m hopeful about speech-to-speech (STS) because I have speech disabilities. Sometimes people say, “What, I can’t understand you. Can you repeat yourself?” It makes me feel frustrated that I have to repeat myself. People with speech difficulties should be able to speak on the phone. STS helps people like me communicate on the phone when the other person doesn’t understand me. When I can communicate successfully, I can complete my tasks. I feel good because I completed my tasks.”
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Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Liam Christensen
Title: The Bond Between
Grade: 8
Burlingame Intermediate PTA (Seventeenth District)
“In The Bond Between, two mushroom companions experience life together, forming a tight friendship between them. But when one of them must venture off alone, they make an everlasting promise to the other that they will return. It takes seasons, years, decades… but at last, the promise is fulfilled. The faith and dedication of both mushrooms remind us that the strength of friendship makes us hopeful for the future.”

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High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Anping Huang
Title: Resilience Radiates
Grade: 10
Lynbrook High School PTSA (Sixth District)
“In “Resilience Radiates”, we follow a journey of hope during tough times. The main character learns new skills, while stuck at home because of the pandemic. Even though he had a strong desire to visit his beloved grandparents, the pandemic made it impossible. Instead, he used this time to acquire new skills that would prove advantageous in the future. The most touching moment is when they finally get to see their grandparents after a long time. This video shows how hope can make us stronger and bring us closer to the people we love, even when things are hard.”
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