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Special Artist Division (All Grades)

Fernando Nunez
Title: Venture Academy
Grade: 9
El Dorado High School
“My project is a documentary about the Venture Academy Choir. Venture Academy is an adult transition program at PYLUSD next to the George Key and Golden Elementary.”
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Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Samriddhi Bajpai
Title: Be Kind and Stop Bullying
Grade: 2
Sycamore Canyon School
“When I see someone being bullied, it breaks my heart. So I am using my voice to request everyone to be kind and stop bullying. My film tells about bullying and how awareness and kindness can stop bullying. It also shows the story of a girl and how she changes because of bullying. Then someone helps her to learn about bullying and how to stop it. At last she is ready to overcome it.”
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Intermediate Division (Grades (3-5)

Emerson Cogswell
Title: Find Your Voice
Grade: 3
Apperson Elementary School
This film is a funny way to say “Show Your Voice.”
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Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Maia Hammel
Title: All of our voices
Grade: 8
Brea Junior High
“My video states the issue of people only speaking their voice without taking a stand and showing it. I discuss ways where people can show their voice and improve themselves, their school, their community and world.”
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High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Emma Tillman
Title: Quarantune! The Musical
Grade: 12
Palisades Charter High School PTSA
“After surviving over a year and a half in quarantine without seeing anyone in person, everyone in our dance community felt an indescribable sense of excitement when we all danced together again. This end segment is part of a longer musical film describing the journey of exploring the newness of quarantine, struggling with the feeling of every day being groundhog day, and finally coming out of quarantine with a new appreciation for being together. Through this film, I wanted to express the joy I felt when my dance community got to come together again and see “Another Day of Sun”!”
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