Let Everyone Know About PTA Perks

by Membership Services Commission

MEMBERSHIP TIP: Let Everyone Know About PTA Perks

PTA members get more perks than you may have realized! Membership in a Statewide and Nationwide organization comes with a lot of perks and bonuses.

Tell parents and teachers that, “besides being involved in a child’s life, you can get lots of extras from your PTA membership.” 

Our perks provide a great incentive for community members to join your PTA. Grandparents, alumni, and friends will also want to take advantage of these wonderful benefits.

Here are some other tried and true program ideas that can increase membership:

Be an Ambassador for the Arts by:

Hear from our Student Ambassadors & Reflections participants on how this worked in their schools.

Spearhead a virtual or physical spirit days, sponsored by your PTA, that will draw your community. Here’s an example flyer and hashtag a local PTA Council did for their students.

Try an online bingo night, online silent auction, or virtual chats with the Principal and teachers to help your families and communities connect in our new hybrid world.