Involving Students Strengthens Your PTA

By Membership Services Commission 

Adding student members to your association and having students serve on your executive board is great for them and great for your PTA.  

PTA was established to be a powerful voice for all children. Having student and youth involvement in your PTA, or on your PTA board, brings an important and different perspective to your organization. It also helps students learn to speak for themselves in a safe, supportive environment. Who better to speak for students than students? 

Can students become PTA members? Yes!

Per the California State PTA Toolkit, “Any individual who subscribes to the purposes and basic policies of PTA becomes a member upon payment of dues.”  This includes students. Many of our units decide to become PTSAs to stress this focus on students. 

Go to the Involving Students section of the PTA toolkit for more tips on how to successfully engage students as active PTA members and leaders.

Student leaders suggest points to share

The student representatives on our California State PTA Board of Managers tell their fellow students about these advantages to joining PTA: 

  • Gain leadership experience you’ll use for the rest of your life
  • You have a voice in how your school can serve and affect you
  • Receive access to scholarships
  • Enjoy lots of member benefits and discounts
  • Share your ideas and let your voice be heard
  • Positively impact your community through service (most schools require community service hours in order to graduate)
  • Make a difference for your generation and the generations to come

When reaching out to students, be sure to stress the ways PTA membership helps students. This website section has more ideas for what to say.

PTA Membership: Teacher is Our Middle Name

By the Membership Services Commission

In the PTA universe, we know how important our teachers are! Having the teachers and administrators at your school join your PTA and participate in your programs is a great way to encourage children and families to join as well. A collaborative partnership among all the adults at the school is one of the best ways to strengthen communication between families and schools. 

So as you plan and promote your PTA membership campaign this back-to-school season, encouraging teachers to join PTA should be one of the focal points. (And don’t forget other school staff as well.)

We’ve put together a list of ideas and some helpful tools to help you get teachers on board. 

  • TALK with teachers about the value of PTA. Provide breakfast or a snack for teachers and use the opportunity to discuss the value of PTA at your school. Back-to-School night can also be a good opportunity to speak with both teachers and parents about supporting PTA.
  • SHARE information about PTA’s Continuing Education Scholarships. PTA offers scholarships to teachers, school nurses, counselors and volunteers to continue their education.
  • REMIND teachers and staff about PTA’s advocacy work. PTA is much more than a local fundraising group for your school –  we are an advocacy organization focused on student success!
  • ENLIST the support of your principal. A principal’s encouragement for teachers to join PTA can go a long way.
  • OFFER incentives to join. Award teachers and staff with a lunch or celebration when 100 percent teacher membership is reached, or offer teachers who join reimbursements for classroom supplies.

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