School Smarts

School Smarts Parent Engagement Academy

Available to school communities interested in promoting family engagement in their community, School Smarts provides customizable training curriculum designed to bring together parents from diverse backgrounds in support of a common interest: helping their children and schools succeed.

Why School Smarts Matters

Parent engagement is crucial to student success. School Smarts graduates report feeling more likely to support, encourage, monitor and advocate for their children. Feeling more informed, confident and comfortable, graduates serve in their PTAs and on school or district committees such as the School Site Council (SSC), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), or Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) Development.

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Creating Meaningful Parent Involvement

Through a seven-session curriculum addressing the science behind parent engagement, school governance and decision making, communication skills, and leadership the program empowers parents to engage with schools. Each session engages participant learning through activities and discussion designed to foster community and advocates. Available in multiple languages for in-person and virtual delivery that can be customized for the needs of the audience.

Funding and Cost

What Makes School Smarts Unique?

School Smarts is an investment in local solutions and capacity. School Smarts trains local facilitators to deliver the program, access local resources, like guest speakers, and cultivate strong relationships. School Smarts graduates often go on to become School Smarts facilitators sharing their new found knowledge and excitement with others. Schools throughout California use School Smarts to help close the family engagement gap.

What Parents Learn

Bring School Smarts to Your Families

Throughout the state, schools and families have used School Smarts to develop parent leaders, strengthen communities, and create effective partnerships between families and their schools. Let us help you bring School Smarts to your community by sharing your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

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