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Running a PTA is fun and rewarding, but it’s also an important responsibility. 

What’s required in order to be a healthy PTA? Here’s a great checklist to see how your PTA is doing.

Most importantly, remember that PTA is an entire local, state and national organization here to help you make your PTA — and your PTA experience — the very best.

We’ve got it all on our Leaders Website, from tips on running a local meeting and creating membership materials to leadership hints, important finance reminders, and even pointers on how to write statewide resolutions. And if you have questions or concerns, call or write so we can assist you. Contact your council, district or California State PTA today!

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California State PTA has adopted Professional Governance Standards and encourages all PTA executive boards to adopt the standards at the beginning of their term as an integral part of their team building and orientation process. (Adoption of the standards can take place at any time.)

All PTAs chartered in California are governed by three key elements of organizational framework – bylaws, standing rules and procedures. 


A full menu of video tutorials and trainings, available on the Leaders Website, will help you stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies to help you and your local PTA run smoothly and more efficiently.


Each PTA is required to have an executive board, the members of which are specified in the association bylaws. This typically includes the officers, chairs of standing committees, the principal of the school (or a representative appointed by the principal), a teacher representative, and a student representative (if appropriate), all of whom shall be members of that PTA/PTSA.  The board should reflect the school community.

To support local units, councils, and districts, California State PTA has developed officer and chair job descriptions. These guidelines are meant to assist officers and chairs in their duties throughout the term of office. The list includes President, Secretary, and Treasurer job descriptions and numerous others, including:

Arts Education Chair
Disaster Preparedness
Education Chair
Executive Vice President
Financial Secretary
Financial Reviewer
Founders Day
Fundraising Chair
Graduation/Prom Night
Honorary Service Award
Legislative Advocacy Chair
Membership Chair/Vice President (Unit)
Program Chair
Reflections Program
Room Representative
Room Representative Coordinator
Student Board Member
Student Involvement Chair
Volunteer Coordinator

These job descriptions, found on the Leaders Website, typically are distributed to members of the board-elect at the beginning of a term to assist in planning. Local PTAs are encouraged to develop job descriptions and procedure books for other PTA positions to provide continuity and sound leadership practices.

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California State PTA has created a wealth of forms to help local PTA units, councils, and districts run their associations more easily. Thanks to the availability of these resources, there is no need for your PTA to reinvent the wheel or worry that required information is missing. Ready-to-use PTA forms, regularly updated and downloadable from the Leaders Website, include the following and more:


  • ACH/Online Deposit Receipt
  • Sample Annual Financial Report, Budget, Ledger, and Treasurer’s Report
  • Authorizations to Purchase on the Internet, Transfer Funds Between Accounts, and Payment Via EFT/Bank Bill Pay Services
  • Cash Verification
  • Check and Checkbook Register
  • Committee Report
  • Donation Receipt
  • Facilities Use Permit Addendum
  • Fiduciary Agreement
  • Financial Review Checklist and Report
  • Financial Secretary’s Report
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement
  • Request for Advance/Payment Authorization
  • Unit Remittance Form


  • Annual Historian Report – PTA Unit, Council, and District
  • Application for Youth Group Sponsorship or Renewal
  • Bylaws Submittal Form for Units and Councils
  • Conflict/Whistleblower Form
  • Event/Program Planning Tools including Evaluations, Planning Worksheets, Action Plans, Needs Assessments, and Checklists.
  • Facsimile Consent Form
  • Photography Release
  • Volunteer Tally Sheet


  • Order forms for PTA Honorary Service, Continuing Service, Golden Oak and Very Special Person Award.
  • Honorary Service Award Nomination Form
  • In Memoriam or Tribute Donation
  • Grant Application and Report for Unit, Council and District PTAs – Cultural Arts, Healthy Lifestyles, Leadership Development, Outreach Translation or Parent Education
  • PTA Scholarship Applications for
    • Continuing Education for Credentialed Classroom Teachers and Counselors, PTA Volunteers, and School Nurses
    • Graduating High School Seniors