Focus Areas

Taking steps for safety

Your child’s well-being and safety are extremely important to you. Particularly when he or she is under your care — at your home, outside, during summer or at school — make sure you’ve taken every step possible to ensure safety and security.


When planning ways to keep your child safe, remember that she or he is constantly changing.  Review your family’s home and habits often to make sure your safeguards remain appropriate for your child’s age.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers numerous hints for at-home safety, including:


Even if you create the perfect environment for your child inside your home, she’ll be spending a lot of time outside, where surroundings are somewhat less controllable. Your personal supervision will remain the most valuable protection.

Warm, sunny days are wonderful for playing and exercising outside. And while the sun feels good on your skin, what feels good can also harm you and your family. So don’t forget the sunscreen!

Find out more from the American Academy of Pediatrics on outdoor and on-the-go safety concerns like:


Taking a few steps for safety now – such as by using the American Academy of Pediatrics age-appropriate safety checklists — could mean big improvements for your child’s health and future! To help find out more and to promote safety steps and efforts, wherever you live and play, sign up to receive our free email news and contact your local PTA for information on safety programs, issues and resources at school.