Book Review: “The New Jim Crow,” by Michelle Alexander

November 19, 2020

The CAPTA Legislation team is in the process of reading and discussing one book a month on the topic of the African American experience in the U.S. We decided to do this to educate ourselves about thi...

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Global Diversity Awareness Month: Parent Stories, Part 2

November 5, 2020

First, listen… Unit PTA leader: We decided to move to an area where my Black son would see peers and school adults who looked like him. As a PTA leader, I know the power of advocacy and partnership wi...

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Advice on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle – During COVID-19, and Year-Round

October 29, 2020

Although we’ve all learned a lot over the last eight months about how to stay healthy in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of maintain...

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Global Diversity Awareness Month: Teacher Stories, Part 1

October 27, 2020

First, listen… Educator: I use the word ‘grownups’, not parents, or mom and dads. I used to use those words but I learned that some of my students are being raised by their grandparents or other famil...

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How Next Gen Science Standards Prepare Students for Next Gen Careers

October 27, 2020

“Mom, what’s the point of taking biology if I’m not going to use anything I learn? I’m not going to be a scientist. I’m going to be a reporter.” Many of your children may ask similar questions when th...

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What’s Happening in PTA? November 2020 Edition

October 25, 2020

We never want you to miss a training opportunity, advocacy call or webinar hosted by California State PTA, so each month we are going to post information right here on our blog about dates, times and ...

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Global Diversity Awareness Month: Student Stories, Part 2

October 22, 2020

First, listen…. Student: It wasn’t until I took an AP class my sophomore year where the books we read were by authors of color. I became really interested in who gets to choose the books that I am tau...

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Global Diversity Awareness Month: Student Stories, Part 1

October 13, 2020

First, listen… Student: Whether I wear pants or a skirt, I sing the same. Does it matter if I wear pants instead of a skirt? Yes it matters to me. I don’t understand why my teacher and principal insis...

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Global Diversity Awareness Month: Parent Stories, Part 1

October 8, 2020

First, listen… Parent: There it was — in print. The new Superintendent wrote in his message to the whole district that special education was taking funds meant for general fund programs. M...

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Tips and Tricks from the Great Membership Idea Exchange

September 21, 2020

Back in late July and early August we held a few Membership Idea Exchange Zoom calls. We were so excited to be joined by PTA leaders across the state — sharing their ideas and some of their stru...

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Students Active in PTA Could Get State Recognition

September 9, 2020

California students may soon be able to get official state recognition for the work they do to support their local PTSAs and schools. An item before the State Board of Education on September 10 establ...

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Why Wednesday? Continuing Education Scholarships and PTA Grants

September 9, 2020

It’s Why Wednesday!  Q: Who qualifies for California State PTA grants and continuing education scholarships? When is the application due? Continuing Education Scholarships: To help you continue on you...

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Finding a “New Normal” During Unprecedented Times

September 1, 2020

With California schools set to be closed through the end of the academic year, many students and their families have had to deal with sudden upheaval to their everyday lives. Most schools have transit...

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July 28, 2020

Thursday, July 30 is the scheduled launch date for the NASA 2020 Mission to Mars. The Mars Rover Perseverance will be taking off for the Red Planet on that day — if everything goes as planned. Y...

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Virtual Summer Leadership Academy Class Recommendations by Position

July 6, 2020

Are you wondering if there is a class that benefits you at our Summer Virtual Leadership Academy? We have suggested tracks of classes for everyone on your board – from president to chairperson and eve...

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NASA Brings Space Exploration to You

June 29, 2020

This summer, most of us won’t be going very far from home. So, to make up for that, you might want to fill your kids’ days with some “out of this world” adventures. Thanks to the folks from NASA, you ...

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California’s New Science Standards are a Good Fit for Distance Learning

May 22, 2020

In a recent survey, California State PTA asked parents their opinions about science education.  Almost all those who responded agreed with the statement “learning science is equally important as readi...

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May 2020 Advocacy Update: What Bills is California State PTA Currently Supporting?

May 14, 2020

These are certainly unusual times in Sacramento. With the Senate back in session as of Monday, May 11th and the Assembly the prior Monday, our legislators are back at work either in the Capitol wearin...

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Why Wednesday? What is the New Resource Library?

May 6, 2020

The Resource Library is a new addition to our website where parent leaders, teachers, and families can find links to activities and resources.  Today for Why Wednesday we would like to share with you ...

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Why Wednesday? Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week Ideas While Social Distancing

April 28, 2020

May 5th is National Teacher Appreciation Day and many schools had week-long celebrations planned to honor these hard-working individuals. Even though we are not on our school campuses, we know that ou...

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