PTA Leaders

School Employees as Officers

PTA’s relationship with school districts’ is defined as an independent, but school-affiliated organization. This independence means that PTA bylaws, financial transactions and business are not under the authority of the school district. PTA must maintain its independence and assure its financial accounts are not subject to the authority of school districts, administration or employees.

In contrast, school-related organizations are under the authority of the school district and must submit to school district financial audits and record inspections. School employees directly supervise the operations of these  organizations, i.e. student body.

School employees are encouraged and welcomed to join PTA, participate fully and enjoy all the rights of PTA membership just like any member. School employees are well trained for PTA work. Some school district board policies prohibit school employees from holding primary offices or from being signers on school affiliated organizations’ financial accounts. School employees must adhere to the school district policy.

Review the school board policies when considering a school employee as an officer.

Remember the school principal or administrator and a teacher representative, one or more, are included on the executive board per Bylaws Article VIII, Section 1.