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The new School Dashboard is the latest tool for improving education. The Dashboard represents a leap forward in how we measure the performance of schools and students. It goes beyond a single test score, instead highlighting the wide variety of factors that make up a successful school. It shines a light on what’s working well and where improvement is needed.

The Dashboard is currently being remodeled to make things easier for parents to understand the data — see what’s new!

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You’ll find information about your school and school district on the state’s Dashboard website at The Dashboard reports on multiple aspects of a quality school environment in three broad categories: Academic Performance, Academic Engagement and Climate & Conditions.

Six state indicators — reported for both schools and districts — include state data on readiness for college and careers, graduation rates, progress of English learners, suspension rates, scores on state standardized tests and chronic absenteeism. These indicators include:

  • Measures of how the results on these indicators vary by groups of students
  • Where available, measures both of the current status and of change over time.

Five local indicators — reported for districts only — are based on their own measures. Districts report on how they are gauging the availability of basic services, school climate, progress towards meeting subject matter content standards, student access to a full curriculum and parent and family engagement.


You’ll find a wealth of resources explaining more about the Dashboard, including the most recent updates and explanations specifically for parents from the California Department of Education

View our training webinar below on the new and improved Dashboard, or share the link with your school community: