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Special Artist Division (All Grades)

Irina Riabova
Title: A fragile planet on the verge of nuclear war
Grade: 10
Hoover High School PTA
“A terrible thing happened this year – the war. It shook the whole world. My art shows how not only children but also adults see the world now, how defenseless everyone was before this, as it initially seemed, imaginary danger. And the blue ball can go out, break apart, and break into small pieces at one moment. Therefore, we must protect it, and try to preserve it with all our might, otherwise, at one moment, everything will be covered with a radiation cloud.”

Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Sirus Parmar
Title: The Enchanted Tree
Grade: 1
Huntington Seacliff Elementary
“This picture shows that my brain has seeds that grow into ideas, thoughts, and questions that swirl around my brain. I use my voice to let them out. I am small, but I have a lot of imagination and important things to say and ask.”

Intermediate Division (Grades (3-5)

Seohyun (Ellie) Bae
Title: My rainbow voice
Grade: 5
Sycamore Ridge Elementary School
“The earth is now being polluted and warming due to piles of all kinds of garbage. I want to take the lead in environmental protection with an obligation to save the earth and protect the environment. I expressed that my voice became iridescent and the sound of the rainbow became drop by drop, and it is able to clean up all the garbage. Also as jellyfish disappear due to global warming, I expressed my wish for living creatures in the ocean to live in harmony with a humpback whale.”

Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Jake Gallagher
Title: Heroes of Change
Grade: 8
Paul Revere PTSA
“What makes our heroes of history heroes in the first place? The answer is completely connected to the theme of 2022’s Reflections art competition. Is it their voice and their impeccable power to use it. In my piece, Heroes of Change, I drew eight heroes who have change the world with their voice. The blank figure at the top symbolizes that our idols are only human, just like us, and that their voice is no different from anyone else’s. I hope my artwork shows that if you share your voice, there is nothing stopping you from filling that spot.”

High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Jialin Huang
Title: And Still I Rise
Grade: 11
Arcadia High School
“This piece was inspired by Maya Angelou’s famous poem, “Still I Rise.” Her personal experience was extremely inspirational, the hardships she faced and yet she arose from all of it was fascinating.The poem itself conveys people to pull through, it motivates one to keep going, and daylight will finally shine upon one. All the storms one may face, the murmurs and struggles, all push one to become their best self. Words are so powerful to her, she carefully chose her words to influence others for the better, and I chose to show her voice through my art.”