Programs + Events


Special Artist Division (All Grades)

Kotaro Fujita
Title: Respect in front of you
Grade: 10
South Torrance High School
Thirty-Third District PTA
“Cell phones are crucial to our daily life. I also got my phone last year. There are things I noticed. We are controlled by social media and the virtual world. The world will be changed better if we leave our cell phone and focus on the people and things in front of us.”

Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Anvika Nipane
Title: Plant a tree
Grade: 1
Audubon Elementary PTA
Seventeenth District PTA
“If each of us plant a tree, world will change to green earth.”


Intermediate Division (Grades (3-5)

Kyra Kennett
Title: Pollination Importance
Grade: 5
Mountain View Elementary PTA
Fifteenth District PTA
“I will change the world by planting plants that bees can pollinate. Whenever you see a bee you might feel frightened and try to hurt it, but bees are an important part of our earth. If we didn’t have bees we wouldn’t have fruit or vegetables. Also flowers and plants won’t be able to grow! We should protect our bees and other pollinators!”

Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Dylan Turzak
Title: Colors of Conservation
Grade: 8
Scotts Valley Middle School PTA
Sixth District PTA
“This photo is of Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone National Park that I took on a family trip during the summer of 2021. This beautiful natural color burst is made out of small bacterial organisms. It goes to show you that we should conserve even the smallest things and not overlook them because they can create something amazing. I can change the world by educating people on the topic of conservation and protecting the things that some people don’t even know exist. We can ALL change the world by just doing that.”

High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Anika Mohan
Title: Irreplaceable Bonds
Grade: 10
Irvington High School PTSA
Peralta District PTA
“As the world changes around us constantly, we must treasure what is important: our bonds with people. For example, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, and one of the things that can never be replaced by AI is the connection we have with one another. The photo depicts me fading away piece by piece, the lighted hand from a loved one anchoring me. In the darkest moments when it feels like everything is crumbling, having someone to hold you up can be life-changing. I will change the world by being someone to ground other people, helping in times of need.”