California State PTA Staff: We're here for you

California State PTA’s professional employees are proud to help our state’s members, children and families.


Cyndi Barton  Database Coordinator
Lisa Borrego  School Smarts Director
Paige Cross Accounting Intern
Michelle Eklund  Assistant Executive Director
Sherry Skelly Griffith
 Executive Director
Victor Jensen  Accounting Manager
Lysa Lorraine-Amalia Davis  Program Assistant (Temp)
Elvie Knox  Accountant
Vi Le
Technology Systems Specialist
Kristi Lopez Membership Services Program Manager
Cindy McCain Meeting & Facilities Specialist
Dina-Marie McGowan Policy Consultant
Brian Miller Shipping Clerk
Pat Ruiz Membership Services & Publications Coordinator
Marisol Sifuentes School Smarts Program Manager
Ashley Stidham Communications Specialist
Christopher Thean Governance & Support Services Manager
Ingrid Trujillo Office Assistant
KayDee Walburn  Tax Filing & Accounting Assistant
Vacant Director of Operations


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