PTA Leaders

Electronic Membership System

California State PTA’s online membership system makes joining and renewing PTA membership at the local level easier for parents, families and community members. With more than 90 percent of our local PTA leaders asking for a simplified electronic membership system,  we heard you loud and clear!

We are pleased to announce that California State PTA has partnered with TOTEM to design and develop an electronic membership system specifically for PTAs in California.

Pilot: Phase 1

Currently, we are in the pilot phase of our electronic membership system. We’ve tested and piloted the system with Golden State PTA first. If you would like to join Golden State PTA and see how the system works, you can! Join Golden State PTA today.

We have expanded the pilot to local units and are testing in a few districts and councils. Additional districts will be added with a success-based model, which means that as the system works, we continue to add districts, councils and units into the system. We’re committed to getting it right for you and for our members!

The electronic membership system (TOTEM) is an option and all PTAs continue to collect and remit membership as you always have. Units, councils and districts are not required to use the new system, but we encourage you to check it out.

Interested in participating in the testing phase? Click the button below and get started today!

Get Started

We encourage all districts and councils to set up their association in the TOTEM system before the roll-out for all units in order to streamline the process. If you are a district or council leader but have not received an invitation to join your association, you can request access using this form:



If you have received an email, you can trust all email received from the domain. This is a legitimate and trustworthy email. All TOTEM websites are encrypted with HTTPS security which you should verify in your browser address bar.