Students: It's all about you!

Students: Your local, district, unit, state and national PTAs are all here for one reason — you.


teens_websizeOur entire mission is to help you achieve in school, at home and in life.

For more than a century, millions of us across the United States have come together to help you succeed. But while our organization’s membership includes adults – parents, educators and community leaders who care about you – no voice is more powerful than your own.

With your membership, guidance and involvement, we’ll keep changes at your school and in neighborhoods across the country moving forward together.

Take advantage of this opportunity to speak out for students and bring change to your community, state and nation. Make a difference today: Join PTA and, to get involved as a student leader, contact your local PTA.

Seven Reasons for Students to Join

From California State PTA Board of Managers student representatives:

  1. Gain leadership experience that you will utilize for the rest of your life
  2. So that YOU get to decide how your school and serve and affect YOU
  3. Receive access to scholarships
  4. Enjoy benefits and discounts
  5. Share your own ideas and let your voice be heard
  6. Positively impact your community through service (most schools require community-service hours in order to graduate)
  7. Make a difference for your generation and the following generations to come.