Why Wednesday? 9/4/19

It’s Why Wednesday! Q: What are the back to school steps for jump starting the Reflections program? State Reflections Chair, Lisa Snowiss gives us some great tips!

Reflections Quick Start:

  1. Learn about the program in the Reflections Leader’s Guide. The Guide provides all the tools you’ll need in 6 easy steps.
  2. Get your school administration and staff on board by asking for a few minutes to discuss the Reflections program at a faculty meeting.
  3. Publicize! Publicize! Publicize! Announce at assemblies, E-Blasts and social media.
  4. Host an art night with focus on the Reflections art categories. Have a photographer talk about how to take photos. Have an artist demonstrate art techniques. Have musicians do an interactive demo. The ideas are endless.
  5. Have an art workshop during lunch. Provide art supplies and writing materials. Ask the students what “Look Within” means to them. Let them create and send them home with their artwork and an entry form.

Why Wednesday? 8/28/19

It’s Why Wednesday! Q: Why should my school participate in the Reflections program? Lisa Snowiss, state Reflections Chair, answers your question:

Because it…

  1. Allows students to express themselves to a new theme every year.
  2. Builds PTA awareness because only students from a school with a PTA or PTSA may participate.
  3. Levels the playing field for underserved students.
  4. Develops the whole child and nurtures creativity.
  5. Connects family, schools and communities.
  6. Is FUN!

Why Wednesday? 8/7/19

It’s Why Wednesday! Q: Why does California State PTA have a Board of Directors?

A: The Board of Directors operates much like your executive board does at the unit level. We meet monthly to continue to do the business of the organization, we make recommendations to the Board of Managers, and we make sure the organization is compliant with all its fiduciary requirements. We are all unpaid volunteers, just like you! This week we are meeting prior to our first Board of Managers meeting and we invite you to see a glimpse of what we do.

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