Focus Areas

Kids' health: It's up to all of us


Families, teachers and researchers know that our kids can’t grow, learn and succeed when they’re not healthy.


That’s why California State PTA members are dedicated to promoting effective health education programs and services in schools and communities in order to offer children, youth and families the skills, tools and abilities they need to make healthy choices.

Through action in the State Capitol, in our schools and in our neighborhoods, concerned California parents and community members advocate for statewide health programs, and we actively participate on a wide variety of statewide committees addressing mental, physical and environmental health issues.

Our current efforts include:

  • Supporting immunization legislation to protect vulnerable children
  • Promoting comprehensive health education taught by qualified personnel as an integral part of the core school curriculum
  • Supporting efforts to provide equal access to quality, affordable, basic and preventive healthcare for all children, youth, pregnant women and their families
  • Supporting solutions that enable all children with chronic illness or other healthcare needs to be safe in California schools, such as by promoting education of parents and school personnel on the complexities of disease management
  • Educating families to recognize the importance of a healthy environment and the potential dangers that environmental contamination poses for children’s developing minds and bodies.
  • Bringing greater awareness of behavior-health issues and social/emotional development through collaborating with the school community and creating a full range of services to help all kids thrive.

It’s up to all of us to bring concerned people, agencies and organizations together to act on the urgent health needs of California’s children: the bright future of our Golden State. Stay on top of the developments and get involved with our free email alerts, and stay in touch with your local PTA for the latest information on health issues and programs at your school.


Read a list of all of our formal resolutions and position papers on health and safety priorities.


An additional activity effort — Fire Up Your Feet — provides a full range of age-appropriate resources and educational materials to encourage physical activity to, from and at schools, with simple ways to track activity, earn awards, fundraise in a healthy way and stay motivated in a fun and friendly environment.

Hosted by Kaiser Permanente, Safe Routes to School National Partnership and National PTA, the program inspires families, students and teachers to get moving raising funds to invest in items like gym equipment, bike racks and many other options to boost physical activity at our own schools. Find out more and get fired up today!