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Membership is PTA’s strength and our voice. We want all of our local PTAs to have the tools they need to increase membership.


Now presenting… an end of the school year membership campaign! This short campaign reminds our families, school staff and community members that it is not too late to join PTA this year. #GoGet10More

We are asking each PTA in California to ask 10 more people to join. If every PTA got 10 more members, we would increase our membership this year and become an even stronger voice for all children and families. Every PTA that turns in at least 10 more members by the end of June will be eligible to win a PTA prize pack filled with promotional materials and great giveaway items.

Feeling inspired? #GoGet10More members and we will raise our voices for children in California!

Membership Marketing Challenge — CLOSED

 Listed here are 11 ideas to market your PTA. These strategies have been successful and we think you should give them a try. If you complete seven or more ideas and submit the form below, you will win our Membership Marketing Challenge! Your PTA will receive a certificate and two collector membership pins. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win $200 for your PTA! Ten lucky PTAs will win the cash prize.

  1. Have a bulletin board or space that is dedicated to PTA, PTA membership and the fabulous things your unit does at your school. Remember to keep it up-to-date all year! (Bonus: take a picture and share it on social media with the tag #PTA4Kids)
  2. Have a membership recruitment activity. This could be a membership table at any PTA or school event, a local contest or incentive or something else. Let us know what you did and we might share it in a California State PTA publication or on social media
  3. Hold a membership challenge or promotion campaign around a theme. Share your photos by posting on social media with the tag #PTA4Kids or by emailing
  4. Have the Membership Chair or President attend at least one California State PTA membership webinar or training
  5. List our Member Perks on your website, Facebook page, newsletter or other social media site. Get the info at
  6. Speak in public comment at a school board meeting, city council meeting or other public meeting about the importance of PTA and ask your community members to join
  7. Post about activities your PTA is doing on your social media accounts, and share a link to join. Use the tag #PTA4Kids
  8. Write an article for the local paper, or an op-ed talking about the value of PTA membership
  9. Download the local membership goal setting template and/or the membership marketing template and use them to plan the rest of your PTA year
  10. Share a membership story with California State PTA here
  11. Send a flyer home reminding families of all the things your PTA does for the students, school, teachers and community. No need to reinvent the flyer — let us help you with ready-to-use customizable fliers.

Membership increase challenge — closed

This challenge is easy — all you have to do is increase your membership numbers from last year! The deadline for this challenge is March 30, 2018.

Each unit that increase its membership number over last year’s number will receive a certificate and pin acknowledging the accomplishment; and will be entered into a drawing for cash prizes. For every 50 additional members the local unit will receive an additional drawing entry. No need to fill out any forms — just remit your membership dues as you usually do and we’ll count the members in the state office by the end of March.

We will be awarding ten $200 cash prizes to local PTAs.

ready, set, remit — closed

PTA units that remitted per capita dues through channels for 30 or more members by October 31 will receive a certificate from California State PTA. No application required. Each unit PTA must adhere to the due dates set by their council and/or district PTA. Councils and districts set their own due dates in order to meet the State PTA deadlines. When sending in your remittance to your council and/or district PTA, please allow additional time for them to process and mail checks to the state PTA office. Remittances of “per capita” should be forwarded by every PTA at least monthly, and  sent to your council and/or district PTA. “Per capita” means per person dues, and is the portion of membership dues not belonging to your PTA.  The unit (school) PTA remits to the council PTA (or if out of council, to the district PTA). The council PTA remits to the district PTA.  The district PTA remits to California State PTA, who remits to National PTA.


PerksWe know people join PTA to support children and their schools. Be sure to visit the member perks page for additional perks to share with your members.