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Music Composition

Special Artist Division (All Grades)

Luke Schumacher
Title: Two Sides Integrate
Grade: 8
Central Arroyo PTA
Seventeenth District PTA
“There are two melodies within this piece, each different but still work with the rest of the song. They later come combined, creating a wonderful harmony that is the climax of the piece. This is how I believe we can change the world, all coming together.”Listen to Luke’s music here.

Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Valentina Scotti
Title: I will change the world by helping all the animals
Grade: 2
Lincoln Elementary PTA
Fourth District PTA
“This song is about how I will save all the animals and change the world. Animals are supposed to be appreciated. I’ll grab them with my bare hands and save them from hunters and people who are camping. I’ll take them somewhere else to another forest or a desert that’s better and nobody goes there.”Listen to Valentina’s music here.

Intermediate Division (Grades (3-5)

Vayun Shekhar
Title: Robotic Rhythm
Grade: 5
Stone Ranch Elementary PTA
Ninth District PTA
“I really like to learn about robots! I will change the world by becoming a scientist and building robots that will solve many challenging problems. Life will be much better for humans with robots! Some ways robots can help humans are to clean the oceans of microplastic, enable self-driving cars and save lives in emergencies. My song is called Robotic Rhythm and it symbolizes the time in future when robots will be on the move everywhere to help humans and solve big problems! I composed my song on piano in d minor. I am using Jazz-Rock as background beat.”Listen to Vayun’s music here.

Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Sohum Kshirsagar
Title: Phoenix
Grade: 7
Thornton Junior High School PTSA
Peralta District PTA
“I want to change the world by helping those who are struggling through the last few years with this inspirational music. This music hopes to represent their struggle in the tough times with the hope to overcome those obstacles.”Listen to Sohum’s music here.

High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Archimedes Li
Title: Dialectic
Grade: 12
Westview PTSA
Ninth District PTA
“I will change the world through dialogue. Change can be realized through the discussion and growth of ideas, as symbolized through my piece “Dialectic.” There are two primary ideas expressed through pizzicato (plucked notes), and arco (bowed notes). Throughout the piece, these two ideas interact and argue with dissonance and bitonality. However, because of their argument, the two ideas grow and develop into something more magnificent than either of them could be alone. Outside of this musical story, people’s ideas can clash and grow together as well, changing the world.”

Listen to Archimedes’ music here.