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Special Artist Division (All Grades)

Michael Denson
Title: The Angels Around Us
Grade: 8
Adams Middle School PTSA (Thirty-Third District)
“I wrote my literature piece about the regular people in our world who make it a better place to live. These people remind me of angels, because they bring hope and peace to us when they show their kindness. These people are the ones who make the progress of goodness in our society everyday. This gives me hope which is why I decided to make my project about the regular people in our environment, the everyday angels around us.”

Primary Division (Pre-K-Grade 2)

Ivy Malach
Title: Spring Hope
Grade: 2
Arroyo Vista Elementary PTA (First District)
“My story shows that there is always hope even when really bad things happen, especially in the Spring.”

Intermediate Division (Grades (3-5)

Nakita Joshi
Title: Shining Star
Grade: 5
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Elementary PTA (Peralta District)
“In my story, the main character needs to find hope that her dream will come true. She does this with the help of her best friend Sumitra”

Middle School Division (Grades 6-8)

Amy Yan
Title: Sometimes, All You Need is A Little Bit of Hope
Grade: 6
Pacific Sky Elementary School PTA (Ninth District)
“Sometimes, All You Need is A Little Bit of Hope is about a girl named Julia whose loss of her sister affected her greatly in her writing career. She feels empty and loss without her sister. Soon enough. Julia realizes that in some situations, you can’t cling on to your loved ones forever. Julia starts to return to normal self, and even finishes writing her book, only to have it rejected by numerous publishers. She often thinks about her sister and what she said about never giving up and always believing in yourself. Julia doesn’t stop trying and pursues the career she always wanted, because of her infinite hope.”

High School Division (Grades 9-12)

Joyce Garcia
Title: I Am Hopeful Because
Grade: 10
John Muir High PTSA (First District)
“This relates to my theme because it shows my journey of finding hope in life and other activities.”