Every PTA should be your kind of PTA

by Membership Services Commission 

Did you know anyone can be a member of the PTA? That’s right, from students (even elementary), to grandparents, alumni, school board members, and… Well, you get the picture. 

It is so important that your PTA reflects all of your community and is built of membership that is inclusive and supportive of every student you serve. 

That is just one of the reasons California State PTA President Carol Green’s theme this term is “Your KIND of PTA.” We want you to take the time to remember what PTA means to you. What it means for your children, students, and community and then to share that.

How to make your membership more inclusive:

  • Ask your neighbor to join PTA, remind them they don’t have to volunteer, but should know how appreciated their membership and support will be
  • Look for student involvement, male involvement, underrepresented families, and LGBTQIA+ involvement, and other ambassadors to spread your PTA mission
  • Ask School Board Members, Superintendents, and County Board of Education Members to support their local PTAs
  • Reach out to alumni networks and invite them to join and support the school and PTA who helped them be successful
  • Invite grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins to join PTA

Make everyone feel welcome and included in your KIND of PTA today! Volunteering isn’t for everyone, donating can be for everyone, but membership is a universal and essential gift we must give to all children and families.