Board of Managers: More than 90 voices strong

Board of Managers Group Picture


Our dedicated Board of Managers includes our Board of Directors, district presidents and all members of California State PTA commissions and committees.


Our Board of Managers:

  • Conducts the business of the California PTA between conventions
  • Develops programs and policies for the state
  • Promotes the mission of PTA
  • Adopts and revises the state PTA budget
  • Provides service to local units and councils upon request
  • Represents PTA on committees and coalitions at the state level
  • Informs and educates through articles and publications and conducts workshops and trainings.

Our Board of Managers (BOM) conducts the business of California State PTA. We work together to support the mission of PTA by developing programs and policies that support local leaders, and by promoting the welfare of children and families in schools and local communities.

PTA has been instrumental in establishing programs and services to improve children’s lives for more than 120 years. We are part of the foundation of our public education system and a trusted messenger to millions of members, parents, families, educators and allied agencies throughout the state.

Through commissions and committees, the BOM addresses internal priorities such as leadership, membership, programs and services, communications and finance as well as external priorities such as family engagement, education, health and community concerns.

Committee-only and consultant positions are also available and offer flexibility to help advance work of the association in the areas of Reflections Art Program, scholarships, grants, resource development, regional training and more. (Please see the application for additional details.)