Resource Library Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Resource Library?

The Resource Library supports the California State PTA’s goal to inform, engage and empower our members and the public on issues concerning children and families. It allows us to easily organize and share the very best resources for parents related to education topics, family engagement, health issues, and community concerns. The tool’s search function makes it easy to find what you need in just a few clicks, whether you are a PTA leader, a parent, or an educator who wants to share information with your parent community.

How were these resources selected?

Resources have been chosen by leaders of the California State PTA to provide excellent subject-matter support and guidance to parents, local PTA Leaders, and educators/administrators. The Resource Library includes a submission tool so that members of our Board of Directors and Board of Managers can continually add resources in real-time.

Does California State PTA endorse everything listed here?

As noted by the disclosure statement on the search page, the Resource Library is for informational purposes only.

How do I provide information or feedback about a resource I clicked on?

Email to report broken links or other malfunctions.

How are the results organized?

Search Results are organized by the date each resource was entered into the Resource Library. The most recently entered resources show first. The more filters a user adds to their search the more fine grained their search will be.

How would I go about suggesting another resource?

If you are a member of the California State PTA Board of Directors or Board of Managers you can request a username and password you will use to add resources to the Resource Library. The submittal form is simple and requires the resource title and url, a brief description, and keywords. Email for more information. Others can submit suggestions by emailing

How do I know if a resource is worth posting?

These online resources should support learning and further our PTA mission of improving the lives of all children and families. Before submitting something, ask yourself if the resource you have in mind:

  • Is from a credible source and not primarily for commercial purposes (selling something)?
  • Is information of particular value/interest to parents and/or PTA leaders?
  • Is something you have personally read, reviewed, listened to, or watched?
  • Has a long shelf life (versus being about an event next week, etc.)?
  • Is not already posted on the Resource Library? (Do a keyword search with the title of the resource to check.)

What is included in the brief description?

Tell us what makes this resource useful for the audience and a little bit about the information it includes. Keep it to two sentences.

How are filters used?

Filters are all about making it easy to find things in the Resource Library. People who look for resources can narrow their search by using these filters. In addition, you’ll see small images and information on each listing, such as type of resource and grade level. This information is provided through the filters, automatically added to the listing, and provides users a snapshot about what they will find if they click on the link.

How up to date are the resources?

Resources are added to the Resource Library on a regular basis. Those with specific publication dates will have that date noted under the Resource Title and author information in the listing. Many of the resources are long lasting and will remain in the Resource Library for as long as they are useful. Some resources are automatically archived when they are no longer helpful.

How do I find a resource in my community?

Local resources can also be found in the Resource Library. To find a resource in your community, type the community’s name in the search by keyword box and use the advanced search menu by clicking on “more ways to find the resources you want…” In the advanced search menu, check “local” under “show me only resources relevant for”. For example, if you type “Monterey” into the keyword box and check the local box, search results will include the Monterey Bay Aquarium.