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Congratulations to the 2024 Spotlight Award winners! The State PTA Board of Managers chose these PTA units and councils throughout the state for their commitment, innovation, and best practice locally to serve and improve the lives of all children, youth, and families.

2024 Spotlight Award Winners

  • Advocacy Award – Woodbury Elementary PTA, Irvine Unified Council, 4th District.
  • Collaboration Award – Gallatin Elementary PTA, Downey Council, 33rd District.
  • Communications Awards – Irvine Unified Council of PTA’s, 4th District.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award – Adams Middle School PTSA, Redondo Beach Council, 33rd District
  • Family Engagement Award – Alameda Elementary PTA, Downey Council, 33rd District
  • Membership and Outreach – John L. Golden Elementary PTA, Rancho Cucamonga Council, 5th District
  • Leadership Development Award – Downey Council, 33rd District
  • Student Involvement Award – El Rincon Elementary PTA, Culver City Council, 33rdDistrict

Award Information

PTA members bring innovative services to our kids and schools each and every day. California State PTA wants to hear about your amazing accomplishments and share them with other PTAs. 

Our Spotlight Awards recognize successful PTA programs from PTA units and councils, throughout the state. Winners of the Spotlight Awards also receive recognition and prizes. For the 2023-24 year that included: 

  • $100 California State PTA grant
  • Opportunity to showcase program at a special California State PTA virtual meeting

All PTA units and councils can apply for an award in the following categories:

  • Advocacy: Advocating on behalf of all children at school, community or state and national level.
  • Collaboration: Developing strong partnerships to connect individuals, enhance student learning, assist schools & families, involve community stakeholders.
  • Communication: Maintaining effective and open communication with members.
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Adopt programs and practices that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Only PTA units can apply for an award in the following categories:

  • Environmental: Promoting conservation, environmental awareness on campus.
  • Family Engagement: Promoting student success with family engagement in students’ education.
  • Membership and Outreach: Increasing membership while raising awareness of PTA’s mission and the value of membership that involves all stakeholders.
  • Student Achievement: Implementing programs to support student achievement.
  • Student Involvement: Increasing student involvement and participation in all aspects of PTA

Only PTA councils can apply for Leadership Development Awards for boosting leadership capacity and development to ensure long-term growth and enhance a PTA’s effectiveness.

Find more detailed information and the award application here


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