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Arts Education is a Student Right

California State PTA strives to provide a full curriculum that includes the arts in every school. Too often the arts are forgotten and fall victim to budget cuts and priority spending. Take matters into your own hands and become an advocate who prioritizes creativity in curriculum. Below you will learn more about where school districts can improve their arts programs, and find out how you can help promote arts education for all students in California.

Need More Inspiration?

Creativity is not optional! There is so much to learn about the arts standards in California. Review our Parents’ Guide to Arts Education in California Public Schools, then find out how your district’s arts programs measure up by visiting the Arts Education Data project. To hear about arts education from a student perspective, check out the submissions from our Reflections participants. Click the button below to request a specialized arts advocacy presentation for your unit, council or district, brought to you by a member of our Arts Education Committee.

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Make Your Voice Count

YOU can be an arts advocate! We have tons of resources to help our leaders promote a full arts curriculum for their students and for every student in California. Check out our talking points and arts advocacy presentation template. To keep up to date on arts leadership tools and stories across California, visit the California State PTA running blog. Click the button below for a checklist of steps you can take to become a better arts education advocate.

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Find Resources in the Resource Library

Take a deep dive or quick gander at our Resource Library. Here, parent leaders, teachers, and families will find high-quality, no-cost activities, printable worksheets, videos, home art projects, and more. Order your own promotional arts materials to spread awareness in your community. Need specific advocacy tools to speak on behalf of the arts? Check out the resource page at Create CA.

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Join the Masses to Create Change

Take the pledge to fight for creativity and the arts in California public schools by joining the Public Will Campaign for the arts. Help #CreateChange by sending an email to your school board members and let them know that every child in your community deserves access to a full and relevant arts education. Join our partner agency Create CA to find more resources and information that can help you on your path to becoming an arts education advocate.

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