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Take Your Family to School Week

Welcoming schools + involved parents = student success.

For more than 120 years, PTA has been encouraging families to get more involved in their child’s education. Help us celebrate PTA’s long legacy of family engagement during National PTA’s Take Your Family to School Week in February by hosting an event at your school.


  • Welcome Signs – Place lawn signs with the word “welcome” in the languages your families speak so that families see them as they approach the school. 
  • Monday Morning Drive-Thru – Give parents and guardians a warm greeting in the drop-off line with hot coffee and information on the week’s activities.  Be sure to have the information sheets translated into the languages spoken by your families. 
  • Celebrate Diversity – Celebrate your school’s diversity with a mural. Hang banner paper on a wall at school and invite families to paint, draw and decorate the banner to celebrate their heritage.
  • Student Art Show – Display students’ photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures and other artwork in the school library and hallways. Invite families to a VIP opening, complete with appetizers and refreshments, to admire the art and meet the artists.  This could also double as your school’s Reflections Gala. 
  • Use Technology – Sometimes it is challenging for families to actually get to the school- work schedules, having multiple children at different schools, or other barriers can make this week difficult for families to participate.  Utilize videos or teleconferencing to give every family a chance to participate in this event.  Have teachers create videos showcasing their classrooms, principals can have virtual coffee with families via Zoom, or you can feature staff members like the librarian, cafeteria workers, or the janitor on small “get to know us” videos.

For more information and ideas, visit National PTA’s website at or check out the California State PTA Resource Library.