PTA Leaders

Building Student Membership

StudentsStudents are considered full members. Here are some great ways to encourage students to join your PTA:

  • Put an enthusiastic and supportive student member on your membership committee.
  • Provide membership invitations with membership envelopes in the summer registration packets to all students including incoming students from middle/junior high schools.
  • Set up a PTA/PTSA table on student registration days and other school events. Highlight activities that benefit students.
  • Provide student members with school and community service volunteer opportunities which can be listed on their college applications.
  • Encourage and welcome students in PTA leadership positions. It looks great on their college applications!
  • Involve students in the planning and execution of PTA events.
  • Consider changing your meeting time to encourage more student participation.
  • Partner with ASB for discounts at the student store or provide discounts on PTA student store items for members.
  • Challenge a nearby high school to a friendly student membership competition.