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Grants and awards help your school achieve

Grants are awarded to local PTAs to support efforts that build and grow student achievement, parent engagement and family involvement to make a difference in your community.


Kids2Is your PTA researching a new outreach program, or perhaps expanding on current success? Then apply for California State PTA’s program grants. Available to unit, council and district PTAs in good standing, these unique annual grants are geared to support local PTAs in developing programs and projects that address four areas of major interest to our children, schools and members.

Parent Education

Develop and implement parent education programs and projects in such areas as health, child development, child abuse prevention or parenting skills. Programs or projects must be sponsored by the PTA applying for the grant. Program grant ideas include parent-resource centers, seminars and workshops, forums for parents of children with special needs and information on preparing healthy meals.

Cultural Arts

Develop and implement student-centered cultural arts programs which complement the California State PTA’s commitment to a quality arts education. The programs and projects should focus on expanding the students’ awareness and appreciation of the field of cultural arts and/or enriching and enhancing arts education programs and must be sponsored by the PTA applying for the grant. Program grant possibilities include performing arts assemblies, arts communications brochures, demonstrations, storytellers, read-a-thons and docents.

Outreach Translation

Translate PTA written materials and oral presentations in an effort to involve every member of the school community. Presentations or materials must be sponsored by the PTA applying for the grant. The California State PTA may use these translated materials when appropriate. Copy of the translated material must accompany the evaluation report. Program grant possibilities include translating written materials into other languages, providing translations at meetings and events, offering school community activities, enhancing partnerships and engaging non-English-speaking families.

Healthy Lifestyle

Develop, promote and implement programs, projects and activities that will improve the overall health of children and adults. Program grant possibilities include classes, health fairs, awareness events, walking/running programs, sun safety initiatives and depression awareness efforts. Please refer to the Insurance Guide for approved activities.


The application period for the 2023-2024 school year is now closed. DEADLINE was October 15, 2023, at 11:59 pm

A successful application for the California State PTA Grant Program will meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your PTA is in good standing. (PTAs in good standing have bylaws reviewed within the last 5 years and all government filings up-to-date.)
  • Grant funds awarded are expended by June 1, 2024
  • Your completed application is submitted to California State PTA by October 15

Your successful application could not only mean funding for important programs, but also increased student achievement, community engagement and PTA strength. With program grants, everyone wins!




A few tips on what the Scholarships and Grants Committee look for when reviewing applications include: 

  • Does your budget reflect support for PTA programs – i.e. convention attendance, leadership training, Reflections, membership campaigns, etc.?
  • How many students and families will benefit from this program?
  • Does this program support the mission of PTA?
  • Is this program accessible to all students?

Before submitting your grant application packet online, please remember to check that it includes:

  • Your PTA president’s signature (signature box provided as part of online application)
  • Copy of your PTA’s 2022-2023 fiscal year-end financial review
  • Copy of your PTA’s current 2023-2024 fiscal year budget
  • Supplemental information and details (maximum 3 pages) on your proposed program or project describing:
    1. Your program and its purpose including goals, number of students served and expected outcomes
    2. Activities planned to implement your program and its goals
    3. Timeline for program budget
    4. Proposed program budget (typical grants range from $500 to $2,000)
    5. Other funding applied for or received for this program or project
    6. How your program will be implemented, if less than the amount requested is awarded
    7. How your program or project will be evaluated

By applying for a California State PTA grant, you can enhance the opportunity to support student achievement, build community engagement and strengthen your PTA.


Each year, the California State PTA Scholarships and Grants Committee carefully reads and vets each application. All applicants are notified of their status in December. Please contact California State PTA with questions:

PTAs selected for grant funding receive a letter of congratulations and recognition certificate from California State PTA along with a check and a grant report form. PTAs selected to receive a grant also:

  • Submit a completed grant report form to California State PTA that:
    • Describes programs or project’s purpose and objectives
    • Evaluates program or project outcomes including suggested improvements
    • Supplies details on budget and actual expenditures for program or project
    • Provides copies of any print materials developed
  • Return any funds not used for the purpose stated on the original grant application along with the grant report form to California State PTA by June 1st.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Program Grant recipients:

Cultural Arts

  • Tamura Elementary PTA (Fourth District PTA)
  • Philip J. Reilly Elementary PTA (Fourth District PTA)
  • California Creative Learning Academy PTSA (Tenth District PTA)
  • Lemon Grove TK-8 School PTA (Twelfth District PTA)
  • Mesa Hawks PTSA (Twenty-Fourth District PTA)
  • Vista Grande Elementary PTA (Thirty-Third District PTA)
  • Steven Millard Elementary PTA (Peralta District PTA)

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Monterey Hills Elementary School PTA (First District PTA)
  • Rio Vista Elementary PTA (Fourth District PTA)
  • Redlands Special Education PTA (Fifth District PTA)
  • Lemon Grove TK-8 School PTA (Twelfth District PTA)
  • Washington PTSA (Fourteenth District PTA)
  • Vista Grande Elementary PTA (Thirty-Third District PTA)
  • Miraleste Intermediate PTSA (Thirty-Third District PTA)
  • Carpenter PTA (Thirty-Third District PTA)

Outreach Translation

  • Steven Millard Elementary PTA (Peralta District PTA)

Parent Education

  • Don Juan Avila Middle School PTSA (Fourth District PTA)
  • Charles W. Cadman Elementary PTA (Ninth District PTA)
  • Monte Verde Elementary PTA (Seventeenth District PTA)
  • C.C. Carpenter Elementary PTA (Thirty-Third District PTA)
  • Wood Middle PTA (Perata District PTA)

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