Focus Areas

We're all in for education


From a newly revised funding formula to new standards for teaching and learning, California’s schools are undergoing historic changes.


But some things have not changed: All parents want the best for their children. They want to be able to know what is going on in their children’s classrooms and schools and they want to support student success.

California State PTA is committed to connecting families and schools by providing a range of information, resources and training to empower parents to actively participate at all levels of decision-making: from the school site, to local school boards, to state and federal government bodies.

Whether it is understanding the new state standards or how to help a child succeed with homework, learning about high-school course options and college/career readiness, or serving on a citizen’s committee for the school district, families need information that allows them  to be involved with their children and  community.

Understanding how school systems work increases the likelihood of parent and community involvement, which makes education more effective and responsive for students.

Quality public education is crucially important to the future of our society as it is to individual families. PTA works to inform its membership of education issues and to advocate at every school and district.

Other Key Education Issues and Resources