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If you’re a local PTA leader – at the unit, council, or district level – and you’re looking for helpful resources, the Leaders Website is the place to go.

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Logging into our Leaders Website is fast and easy. All you’ll need is your PTA digital or paper membership card, which tells you what PTA district you’re in and should include a CA Unit Identification number. The unit number is also in your bylaws. Once you get to the site you’ll find guidance for every aspect of running a successful PTA. 

The site is divided into sections based on the typical roles and responsibilities of local PTA leaders. They include Leadership, Membership, Finance, Take Action, Communications, and Programs. In each of these sections, you’ll find a variety of articles, links to related forms and checklists, and how-to guides for specific tasks, plus information about available trainings. There’s also a Calendar with information about upcoming events and trainings just for PTA leaders.

Set up your log-in today and start exploring the California State PTA Leaders Website.

Have more questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or watch our video tutorial.
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