You’re on the Board Now! Here’s How to Prepare for a Successful 2024-25 School Year

Even though you and your new board members don’t officially take over until July 1, there is a lot you can accomplish now to make sure you have a successful 2024-25 school year.

Before July 1, the new board can meet to:

  • Set ground rules and expectations for your new board
  • Look for people to fill vacancies on the board
  • Review your PTA’s bylaws and insurance guide so you are prepared to come up with awesome programs and fundraisers
  • Set up a budget committee with people from both the old and new board, so you can make plans combining new ideas with hits from the past
  • Develop a preliminary budget to be presented at the final association meeting of the year
  • Develop a preliminary calendar to be presented at the final association meeting of the year to get people excited for the new school year
  • Create a membership plan 
  • Meet with the principal to confirm that you are on the same page regarding the direction for next year and to avoid conflicts with the school calendar and other groups on campus, especially if you are at a high school and competing with athletic and music boosters

After July 1st:

  • Revise and adopt the budget and calendar at the first association meeting
  • Approve fundraisers and programs, then record them in the minutes of the general association meeting
  • Sign contracts – see the CAPTA website for information on contracts
  • Start promoting your membership campaign. The new membership year starts on July 1
  • Continue to meet with the principal. Remember, you are a guest on the campus and they need to know what is going on

Don’t forget to take advantage of training opportunities! Convention is not the only place to get trained. Double check with your district to see what training they have coming up in the next couple of months.