Planning and Budgeting for 2021 activities

January is a time of renewal for all. As the new year begins on the calendar, it is mid-year for your PTA, which means there is lots to do on the PTA front!

  1.  Complete and present your mid-year audit. (You can see the entire step-by-step process here on the blog) 
  2. Present budget versus actual report to the executive board and association and revise budget if necessary. Look at the fundraising you have done and the programs you have scheduled. Do you need to add another fundraiser or remove a program?  
  3. Begin planning for Convention 2021! Our state convention is happening in spring of 2021. This is an acceptable PTA expense, so make sure it is part of your budget. We will be voting on resolutions, hearing from amazing keynote speakers, and we will have over 50 workshops to attend as well as our vendors for you to talk to. While this year Convention will be virtual, you will still get lots of new ideas to take back to your unit, council or district – so you won’t want to miss it!
  4. Begin to plan your Founders’ Day celebration.  February 17th is when we celebrate our organization and reflect on the value of PTA.  One perfect way to celebrate is to give out Honorary Service Awards to volunteers, staff, or community members who have been an asset to your PTA.  
  5. Nominating Committees should be working on filling the slate in January. This is a great time to let families know about serving on the PTA board and talking to parents who you feel would be a good addition to the PTA.
  6. Kick-off your mid-year membership campaign! Don’t forget that we take memberships all year, but January is a great time to do another big drive on your campus. Share with your school community the great things you have been doing, and invite them to join your PTA to show their support.

We hope you enjoy winter break with your family and friends, and that you take some time off from PTA tasks. With these tips, we hope you will be able to return in January ready to finish your PTA year successfully!