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  • Four Big Upgrades to California’s Public Schools


    Designed to fit together to help all students succeed


  • Arts Now Bay Area Summit


    FREE April 7, 2018 in Oakland, CA


  • Support Extracurricular Programs with Scholar Dollars


    PTA and ScholarShare 529 want to help schools secure the necessary funding

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  • Guidance on Student Walk Outs and Marches


    PTA supports the rights of students to express themselves on campus

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  • PTA Strengthens Position on Firearms and Assault Weapons to Protect All Children


    PTA supports state and federal legislation that protects all of our children and youth from gun violence

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  • PTA Demands Action to End Gun Violence


    We need to put politics aside and turn emotion into action

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  • PTA Statement on Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

    Press Releases + News

    Any act of violence at a school or involving children and youth is intolerable

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  • California State PTA Statement on Shooting at Salvador Castro Middle School

    Press Releases + News

    California State President Dianna MacDonald issued a statement

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