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With the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), helping your child learn science is easier than ever before! NGSS brings discovery to the forefront of your child’s science education. And as a family, you can take an active role by simply exploring the world around you. Baking a cake? That’s a chemical reaction! Out on a walk? Spot some flowers growing and experience the magic of photosynthesis! Use the tools below to get started.

Resource Library

Take a deep dive or quick gander at our Resource Library. Here, parent leaders, teachers, and families will find high-quality, no-cost activities, printable worksheets, videos, home experiments, and more.

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STEAM Experience Toolkit

Are you a local PTA leader? Download this ready-made STEAM Experience Toolkit which includes webinar instructions, links to volunteer STEAM videos, PDF instructions of activities, and other resources that will assist you in hosting your own STEAM experience (Virtually or IRL).

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Science Standards

Important for parents and teachers alike, examine California’s Next Generation Science Standards to see how together we can better address our state’s mandated core science principles and objectives. How does STEAM fit into all of this? Check that out here.

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What Parents Think

To learn more about the rollout of Next Generation Science Standards, California State PTA surveyed California parents/guardians about the importance of science education, their children’s experiences, and what they need to best support science learning. Many of the findings are surprising!


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