PTA Leaders

Record Keeping

Records are a vital part of each association.


It is very important that certain records be retained. The PTA retention policy in the Toolkit can be found in the finance section. To assist in this process, it is recommended that upon filing records, note on the outside of the box a “Destroy After” date.

The current IRS letter of determination, the current bylaws and standing rules approved by the state parliamentarian, and articles of incorporation for incorporated PTAs must be readily accessible at all times.

A Letter of Determination is proof that a PTA is a constituent organization of the California State PTA. It is a packet consisting of:

  • Letter dated 1943 from the Internal Revenue Service
  • Letter from the California Franchise Tax Board
  • Current cover letter from the California State PTA office indicating the specific unit is a constituent unit and is in good standing. This letter also includes the unit’s EIN (Employer Identification Number) and Franchise Tax Board Number, needed to file a Charitable Trust application.

The letter of determination can be filed with the PTA’s permanent financial records but the cover letter (#3 above) needs to be current when using the packet, since it lists the current PTA president and speaks to their status as a unit in “good standing”.

The PTA president or treasurer requests a Letter of Determination from the California State PTA office by contacting

The minutes are a permanent legal record and must be kept forever, per Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition. The charter and ledger book must be kept permanently. All financial records should be kept for seven years, which includes the current year. Year end financial statements and budgets should be kept for 10 years