California State PTA Communications Commission and You


Communications CommissionThe state Communications Commission’s job is to help ensure that all our members and leaders are connected and can find the information they need to do their work well. We also raise the visibility and positive image of the PTA with all families, educators, community leaders, the media, and government officials. 

The California State PTA Communications Commission composed of volunteers from across the state works to gather and prepare information, identify who needs it, and find the best way to share. Our commission collaborates with staff to:

  • ensure PTA messaging is on brand, clear, inclusive, consistent, and accurate,
  • produce monthly, weekly, and quarterly publications and emails on a variety of topics
  • promote the information, activities, events, and positions of the state PTA including our annual conferences, with various digital, print, and graphic tools.
  • plan and manage our social media to create an interactive, informative, engaged community for our members
  • curate and maintain the content on the organization’s websites, and
  • be a resource for other PTA leaders.

The Communications Commission for the 2021-23 term consists of the Vice President, six members of the California State PTA Board of Managers, and two consultants. We have a wide variety of skills and backgrounds, from programming to graphic design, video editing to copywriting, marketing to analytics, and a deep bench of PTA experience. 

In addition to our regular work, during the 2021-23 PTA term, we are proud to have developed the California State PTA Leaders Website. This site puts the state’s guidance for local PTA leaders and members in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place. We also hold monthly calls with office hours and communication-specific mini-trainings for local PTA leaders to help them improve their own communications with members in their schools and communities. 

We know communication needs to be a two-way street. Are there things you wish we’d do more of? Do you have questions about specific ways to use social media or your website? Is there a success story related to communications that you’d like to share? Let us know by sending an email to