The Value of a PTA Membership

Why PTA?

“For me, the best part about being a PTA member is…… I can make a difference in our children’s lives.”  — Mary Anderson, PTA Member

There are numerous parent groups out there, but there is only one PTA. Connecting families and schools for more than 115 years, PTA is the largest children’s advocacy organization in the country. Here are just a few reasons to join PTA:


Join PTA at the state level to support your child’s education and the education of all of California’s children. Membership funds for Golden State PTA support California State PTA scholarships and grants for volunteers and graduating high school seniors. For questions, email us at

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PTA annual dues for each local PTA may differ from school to school, and help support valuable programs and services for student learning and family engagement. Many PTAs support academic enrichment programs, such as field trips or after-school art, drama, music, math and reading programs while other PTAs support events and activities that promote family engagement at school, to strengthen home and school relationships. Other PTAs support health programs, safety and physical education.

Your local PTA dues stay with your school site, and a portion is sent up to support the work of your council PTA (if in council), district PTA, California State PTA and National PTA. Please check with your local PTA regarding annual membership dues.


California State PTA is exploring potential online membership systems to make PTA membership easier.

With more than 90 percent of our local PTA leaders asking for a simplified electronic membership system in last year’s Unit Leader Survey, we heard you loud and clear! We are pleased to announce that  California State PTA is exploring potential online membership systems to make joining, and renewing, PTA membership at the local level easier for parents, families and community members.

We are evaluating systems that support our current structure – where each members joins at the local level – while helping advance our membership processes into the future. We are currently in the initial phase of vetting possible vendors to explore options which includes requests for proposals (RFP) as well as meeting and vetting possible vendors. In this initial phase, we have assembled a task force to explore options, discuss strategies and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

This is just the first step in a long process – and we’re committed to getting it right for you and for our members! Nothing is changing to PTA’s membership process at this time and any system we launch will be completely voluntary. Units, councils or districts will not be required to use the new system.

All of your feedback and input are being taken very seriously, and if a new electronic system is implemented it will enhance our current local PTA membership marketing campaigns and dues-collection process. Please feel free to send any questions or feedback to We will keep you posted as we progress in this important work to build membership and strengthen PTA.

Be sure to take advantage of the ready-to-print membership resources and tools provided FREE from California State PTA to help market and build your PTA membership.