Greetings from your CAPTA Legislation Team!  

We are thrilled to provide a brief overview of some advocacy efforts that the Legislation Team has undertaken so far this term.  

One such effort was the work of a Legislative Study Committee that has made recommendations on two measures currently headed toward the November 2024 ballot: 21-0042A1 and ACA 13.  After extensive research, dissection and collaboration, the study committee issued reports with recommendations for the Board of Managers. The report found that contrary to California State PTA’s long history of supporting state and local funding to meet the needs of children, youth and families, Ballot Measure 21-0042A1 would limit the ability of local communities to increase taxes by raising the threshold for passing such measures.  In essence, the Study Committee found that 21-0042A1 would undermine the ability of local voters to meet the revenue needs of state and local communities, particularly at a time when more money, not less, is needed to maintain important local and statewide services.  On the other hand, the Study Committee found that ACA 13 is intended to protect citizens.  The stated purpose of the measure is to retain the majority vote requirement for passage of state and local initiatives.  Simply put:  It protects local tax initiatives so they will still require only a majority vote to pass, rather than a 2/3 supermajority.  

On Jan. 29, 2024, the Legislative Action Committee (“LAC”) held a special meeting to consider those study reports.  After deliberation, the group voted  to advance the recommendations to the CAPTA Board of Directors and Board of Managers.  

What happened next?  The Board of Directors and Board of Managers held its Winter Meeting in Sacramento on February 8-10th and part of the business conducted was adopting the following positions on these ballot measures:

  • 21-0042A1:  California State PTA takes an oppose position AND plans to take an active role in campaigning to defeat this initiative.  ( Note: This measure is currently eligible only for the November ballot; however, current court action may deem this initiative invalid as a matter of law)
  • ACA-13:  California State PTA takes a support position AND plans to take an active role in campaigning to support this initiative.  (Note: This measure is currently qualified for the November ballot.)  

What’s next?  Please “tune in” to find out!  

The Legislation Team will be hosting monthly “Legislation Calls” where CAPTA members can join to hear more specific details regarding approved actions.  These monthly calls will also be an opportunity for members to learn about what’s next in the process for the Legislation Team, including updates from the February 22-23rd LAC meeting that took place in Sacramento.

And don’t forget!  Ed100 is a top-notch resource which has informative weekly blogs related to California’s school system, many of which are written by the Leg Team’s very own Carol Kocivar.  In the words of our esteemed President Shereen Walter: “I use Ed100 to keep up to date with education policies in a way that helps me explain the issues clearly to others.”  This is a valuable resource that provides vital information, perfect for reading and sharing.


Written by Denise Morgan, CAPTA Legislative Advocate