World Teachers Day

Tomorrow is World Teachers Day– and in the PTA universe, we know how important our teachers are! Having the teachers at your school join your PTA and participate in your programs is a great way to encourage children and families to join in the fun! Students love when their teacher comes to an event and parents like the opportunity to see a teacher outside of parent conference.

Show teachers how much we appreciate all that they do! We know that Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t officially until May, but you can still use some of these ideas to recognize your teachers earlier in the year!

Teachers, did you know that we also have resources you can use with the families in your classroom– many of which are available in different languages? National PTA even has a guide designed especially for teachers on ways to increase parent engagement at your school.

Don’t forget that we are a team– that’s why we are called the Parent Teacher Association! Thank you for all you do on a daily basis to positively impact the lives of children and families at our schools.