Tips and Tricks from the Great Membership Idea Exchange

Back in late July and early August we held a few Membership Idea Exchange Zoom calls. We were so excited to be joined by PTA leaders across the state — sharing their ideas and some of their struggles.

We took notes from each of the calls and here are some of our favorite ideas:


  • Building a Better Community
  • Stronger Together
  • I Matter Because (tie in to Reflections)
  • Superhero
  • Set Sail with the PTA- Pirate themed with bandanas or masks as membership incentives

General ideas:

  • Include a PTA membership as part of a spirit pack
  • Have the school mascot or a cool animal (like a llama) attend the Zoom meeting of the class who gets the most memberships.
  • Look at your membership list from last year and make sure you are asking those families to join again this year.
  • Every person who purchases a membership gets a coupon for a discount on spirit wear or other school event. 
  • Share the why– make sure you are letting families know all that your PTA does for the school and community.
  • Ask your principal to include PTA membership on their weekly calls and/or their newsletter.
  • Have a contest to see who can get a member from furthest away– this is much easier if you are using Totem!
  • Remind families that everyone can join– grandparents, siblings, friends, neighbors.  To that end, add lines onto your membership forms with those titles so they don’t forget.
  • Use your social media to advertise your membership drive. 
  • Ask school board members, superintendents, and other school district personnel to join the PTA.
  • Create a “Join PTA” slide that the teachers can use when they are doing parent presentations.
  • Remind families that membership doesn’t necessarily equal volunteering, but it does equal supporting our kids!

Farragut Drive Elementary School created a really fun video to encourage their parents to be in the Zoom Where It Happens. Check it out here: 

Finally we want to leave you with a quote from one of the leaders who was on this call: When you have nothing but uncertainty, you have nothing but possibility!  

We hope you will use these tips to have an amazing membership drive.

As always if you need us, we are an email away–

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