Why Wednesday? 9/25/2019

It’s Why Wednesday! What are resolutions?

Q: Our PTA unit/council/district wants to change ….
Q: How can our PTA address the issue of …..
Q: Our PTSA is concerned about …..

A: Write a PTA Resolution – it’s our way of calling attention to a problem and/or a need for action on an issue impacting children and families

We’ve all been there – there’s a local issue or concern and we know it’s something that happens throughout the state. As the nation’s largest volunteer-led child-advocacy association working to drive improvements in the education, health, and well-being of all children and families, our members are quick to identify problems or situations with state (or nationwide) implications.

But we don’t know how to bring the PTA’s attention to the issue or make a statewide change.

Good news, local issues can become California State PTA resolutions. A resolution is one way to bring attention to the issue and authorize PTA action. These resolutions offer official guidance on wide-ranging issues, including in just the past few years, dyslexia, school-finance, health & safety, and early care & education, (see the full list of existing CAPTA Resolutions https://capta.org/focus-areas/advocacy/resolutions/)

Every year resolutions are presented for consideration and adoption by our membership at our annual California State PTA convention. The deadline to submit the first draft of a resolution for the 2020 CAPTA Convention is November 1, 2019. The State’s Resolution Committee is available to answer questions and provide mentoring support in advance of the draft deadline.

So tell us, what issue or question concerns you now?

Looking for more information? Read our Digital publication: “Procedure for Preparing for a PTA Resolution” http://downloads.capta.org/res/ResolutionProcedures.pdf. Or reach out to our Resolution Committee Chair Robin Klau with questions or assistance: rklau@capta.org 916-440-1985 ext 324