Why Wednesday? 9/18/19

It’s Why Wednesday! Q: Why hasn’t your PTA applied for one of our grants yet?

We offer grants to units, councils and districts in four different areas. Here is a little more information about each of them:

  1. Parent Education Grant — Parenting is hard. There is no manual to guide us through, so many parents turn to the PTA for educational opportunities. This grant can be used for parent education programs or projects that your PTA develops.
  2. Cultural Arts Grant — Arts education is not only an important part of a comprehensive education, but it is often students favorite part of the school day. The arts are a wonderful way to celebrate the cultures and diversity of the students on your campus. The cultural arts grant can be used for assemblies, docents, and other student-centered programs that support the arts or diversity and inclusion on your campus.
  3. Outreach Translation Grant — Every member matters at your PTA meetings and your school events, but often times communication is challenging with the diversity of languages on your campus. Use this grant to translate PTA written materials or oral presentations so that every member of your school community can participate in your events.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle Grant —  We want our children and families to have healthy minds and bodies. This grant can be used to implement programs to improve the health of adults and children in your community. Ideas for these grant funds include classes, health awareness weeks, health fairs or other safety programs.

We look forward to receiving your grant applications no later than October 15th. Learn more and apply at www.capta.org/grants.

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