Resources for Safe Usage of the Internet

Today is National Internet Day! California State PTA has some great resources on our website to ensure you and your family to have a positive and safe experience using the internet.

This article lets you learn more about the benefits, risks and tips for internet use. My favorite tip is to have an internet safety contract that you and your child both sign. That way they will understand your expectations for internet use and the consequences if they violate those expectations.

This issue of The Pulse from February 2018 also addresses issues of cyber safety. One best practice suggested is to instruct your child to never use their real name, address, or other personal information in their email or on internet games/chats.

This article gives concrete examples of ways to practice cyber citizenship on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Cyber bullying is becoming more and more of an issue among teens. This article gives parents and teens some suggestions of things to do if they are being bullied online, including blocking the bully, telling a trusted adult, and not responding to or retaliating against an online bully, which often just makes things worse.

We hope you and your family use these resources to have a safer online experience.