PTA: A Place for Everyone!

PTA is an inclusive organization. Although you want everyone on your campus to participate in PTA events, often times certain groups are unintentionally forgotten during event planning.

For example, individuals with disabilities. Some disabilities are obvious, like those that require a wheelchair or crutches. But some people have “hidden” disabilities such as mental health issues, autism, cognitive and learning disabilities.

As you begin to plan your activities this year, here are some things to keep in mind so that you are fully inclusive:

  • Are we being culturally inclusive? Think about food, music, entertainment — are all cultures on your campus included?
  • Are we linguistically inclusive? Are you translating your advertising, the posters that point the way to various activities, and do you have native speakers on hand to help make everyone feel welcome?
  • Are we being accessible to those with mobility needs? Is your event held on a grass field that limits participation, or upstairs in a building without an elevator or easy ramp access?
  • Did we provide areas/activities to include those with sensory issues (noise, light, touch)? Is it possible to open the activity early without loud music or large crowds to accommodate students or families with sensory issues?

California State PTA welcomes all!

We welcome:

  • All races and ethnicities
  • All religions and creeds
  • All gender identities
  • All countries of origin
  • All sexual orientations
  • All immigrants and refugees
  • All abilities and disabilities
  • All spoken and signed languages
  • All ages


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