Meet the Leadership Services Commission

The California State PTA Leadership Services Commission strengthens and extends the work of PTA in all arenas, and enhances the influence and public understanding of PTA, its purpose, and work. 

Commission  activities include: 

  • Opportunities for leadership development
  • Training for unit, council, and district PTAs 
  • Guidance  to unit, council, and district PTAs to help them in strengthening, organizing, reorganizing, or in rare cases disbanding their associations 

Supporting PTA Leaders throughout the state

The California State PTA Leadership Services Commission is composed of volunteers from across the state. The Commission works to provide local, regional and district leaders with the support they need. The commission focuses on ensuring good governance, leadership and teamwork skills, financial safeguards and transparency. The commissioners mentor districts and encourage practices which engage members, increase participation, are inclusive and welcome all families.  Leaders are trained in the use of parliamentary procedure to ensure all members have a fair opportunity to express their opinions at meetings. 

Some of our work includes: 

  • Training District and Council PTA leaders, and assisting PTA Districts in 27 regions across the state with their leadership trainings throughout the year
  • Communicating directly with PTA leaders statewide via the weekly Tuesday social media posts Leadership Tips and the monthly, live PTA Leadership Call  
  • Providing timely guidance via the California State PTA Blog and in PTA publications
  • Developing workshops and training opportunities for PTA leaders and members  at the California State PTA Annual Convention
  • Informing PTA leaders about federal and state reporting requirements
  • Mentoring District PTA leaders as they assist units and councils
  • Maintaining content on the California State PTA website including the California State PTA Toolkit, Finance, Job Descriptions and Forms sections, Leadership Development Presentations (LDPs) and more

Making it easy to run your PTA

The Leadership Services Commission keeps unit leaders informed of best practices to develop high-functioning PTAs. The annual Leaders Welcome Packet and publication Running Your PTA…Made Easy, both available on provide easy to understand guidance in a colorful format in English and Spanish. 

The packet is mailed to new leaders at the beginning of the term and serves as a valuable tool throughout the year. 

Commission members

The Leadership Services Commission consists of the Vice President for Leadership Services and eleven members of the California State PTA Board of Directors and Board of Managers. Commissioners are chosen for their vast experience and expertise with PTA positions and topics such as governance, finance, and bylaws and parliamentary procedure, and to ensure representation from throughout the state. 

Here to help

The Leadership Services Commission recognizes that PTA leaders and schools throughout the state are emerging from the strain of the pandemic isolation. The challenge of reconnecting with members is real. To help leaders accomplish the purposeful work of PTA, the commission will provide the tools, training and support to 

  • Adopt proven, nonprofit business practices
  • Expand diverse adult engagement 
  • Inspire volunteers and develop leaders
  • Increase parent education and family  engagement 
  • Advocate in support of children and families
  • Support students and staff in classrooms
  • Promote PTA beyond the schoolhouse doors with the entire community

The Leadership Services Commission enthusiastically welcomes leader ideas and best practice suggestions from officers, chairs, and members, to be shared with PTAs throughout California. While every PTA is unique, there are common experiences that unite us. When we know others have similar experiences, we can learn from their successes and challenges, and achieve so much more. Contact us today with your suggestions or questions at