Let’s Make Every Day Earth Day

Earth Day shouldn’t be just one day! And environmental education isn’t just the responsibility of educators. That said, our previous blog did explain that it’s a required part of the school curriculum.

Today, we’re presenting the second part of a talk about environmental literacy that emphasizes how parents and parent leaders can advocate for and support school efforts to see that all children grow up knowledgeable about the world they live in.

The featured speaker is Amity Sandage, Environmental Literacy Coordinator for the Santa Cruz County Office of Education. She presented this talk at the STEAM Extreme event at the California State PTA convention in May 2019. 

Take action! You can find resources in your community that support environmental and science learning by going to the new California State PTA Resource Library [LINK]. Talk to your local school district about what is happening locally around environmental literacy and how your PTA can help.

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