International Literacy Day is September 8

This weekend is International Literacy Day. On Sunday, September 8, countries around the world acknowledge that literacy is a fundamental human right. The theme this year is literacy and multilingualism. If you want to celebrate, here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage your school librarian to purchase books that include every language spoken by families on your campus. This is a great use of book fair proceeds to make sure you have diversity of languages on your school library shelves
  • Have a used book drive at school. Ask families to donate any books they are no longer reading at home, then use those books to have a “shop” where any student can take home a book for free
  • Host a Family Literacy Night. Have centers with crafts and activities based on different books for families to try. Ask your local library to join in so that families can apply for library cards and learn about the services offered at the community library.

If you celebrate International Literacy Day, please share with us what you did on social media.