Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just around the corner. To ensure a fun and safe holiday, California State PTA suggests the following tips from Safekids.org:

  • Walk Safely – Use crosswalks, walk on sidewalks instead of the street, and always check before crossing
  • Watch Your Child – Children under 12 shouldn’t trick-or-treat alone, and older children should stick to familiar, well-lit areas
  • Check Candy – Once your child is done trick-or-treating, be sure to check all candy. Look for unusual appearance or discoloration, tears in wrappers, unwrapped items, or anything that appears spoiled.
  • Keep Costumes Safe – Wear light colors and use fun reflective tape to decorate your child’s costume.
  • Drive Safely – Drive slowly in residential areas and take extra time to look out for kids at intersections, medians or curbs. Have kids carry glow sticks so they can be seen by drivers.

For more information on child safety from California State PTA, visit www.capta.org/safety.